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Thanks for stopping by BighamWireless.com!  We have been active in the communications industry for over 30 years and specialize in processing and submitting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Forms.  We will help you file everything from simple renewals to complex trunked radio systems.  Radio vendors and end users alike rely on Bigham Wireless to help them simplify all their Public Safety and Industrial/Business FCC Filings.

We offer personalized, friendly service that is unmatched in the industry, making your dealings with the FCC no longer an intimidating experience. 

Trust Bigham Wireless Consulting, LLC - FAST, FRIENDLY & PERSONALIZED SERVICE is just a phone call or email away!
Your FCC Radio Station License is one of the most important documents you possess.  Choose Bigham Wireless to help keep you legal and operating within the technical parameters of your authorization.
Personal Attention 
Let Bigham Wireless Consulting help you through the process of obtaining a new FCC License, modifying your current FCC License, filing Schedule K's (build-out notifications), renewal, cancellation or administrative update.  We can also help you obtain a Federal Registration Number (FRN), which is needed to do business with the FCC.  We will file your application directly with the FCC or submit your application to the proper public safety or industrial/business coordinator.  Below is a list of some of the major services we offer.  We rely on a no pressure business attitude and will lay out all the facts and options you have.  Once we visit with you and determine your needs, we will work with you, the FCC and frequency coordinators to give you the most accurate, expedient, economical service available.  
Fast & Friendly Service
  • Public Safety & Industrial Business Licensing Professional
  • New & Modifications To Call Signs
  • Renewals
  • Administrative Updates
  • Schedule K's (Build-out notifications)
  • FRN Registrations
  • Prepare Waiver Letters
  • Frequency Searches
  • ASR Filings & Modifications
  • License & FRN Searches
  • License Management & Monitoring
  • Consulting & Engineering Services
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Ask yourself these questions and decide for yourself.  When it comes to your FCC Licensing needs, the answer is simple.........

I received a notice from the FCC or a third party company.  Where do I turn?

I need a reputable company that can help me that won't charge an arm and a leg?

I have questions and I just don't know where to turn.

ANSWER: Bigham Wireless Consulting, LLC